Those lucky few who happen to own a pair of Google Glass already were on the receiving end of several updates to their new toy in May as well as in June. Well, the folks over at Google have outlined what is to come next where a software bump is concerned, and they have decided to share over on their official Project Glass Google page in detail some of the upcoming and notable improvements which will arrive in the latest update. First of all, there will be improved voice controls which will enable Google Glass owners to have incoming messages read aloud to them, and one is also able to send replies to those messages, answer calls and share content with a contact directly.

Another enhancement would be the ability to send a message or make a phone call to anyone on your Gmail contacts list, which is a step in the right direction considering that previously, a user could only choose from a list of 10 contacts. Last but not least, the latest Glass update will allow its headwear to view real websites right after a search query, and one navigates through the webpage by sliding a finger forward on the touchpad in order to scroll, while sliding a pair of fingers forward or backward will let you zoom.

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