Apple announced the complete redesign of its Mac Pro last month, which some Japanese folks had fun with shortly after it was announced. The new Mac Pro is certainly a step in the right direction as it offers a simple design, while also featuring some serious specs under the hood. You know what would make the Mac Pro even more awesome? Being completely covered in glass. If you also think that’d be awesome, then you need to see what concept artist Martin Hajek created.

Hajek created a number of concept mockups of what Apple’s new Mac Pro would look like if its case was completely built out of glass. The result means you’ll be able to stare at the Mac Pro’s gorgeous innards whenever you find yourself the victim of the spinning wheel of doom.

As beautiful as it looks, Gizmodo points out the Mac Pro with a glass case would probably not look so great after a few months of use since its innards will most likely attract dust as well as it probably being an insulator, which could make your Mac Pro run super hot if it isn’t properly ventilated. Aside from those few minor problems, we think an all-glass Mac Pro would look rather nice in our office. What do you think?

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