We have seen some pretty interesting ideas thought up of by ad agencies in the past, such as this bone conduction ad that has been installed in the window of select trains in Germany, calling it the Talking Window. Well, it seems that creative agency R/GA too, has an idea that is worth checking out – an e-cigarette which has Internet connectivity, where it can send tweets out concerning one’s smoking activities. It must be noted that e-cigarettes rely on tiny batteries to heat the flavored nicotine and water, transforming them into a vapor for smokers who are on the path to kick the habit, as they inhale the created smoke without some of the harmful chemicals that are found in actual cigarettes. E-cigarettes were meant to help smokers wean off the habit.

Known as the @TweetingCiggy, R/GA set up a Twitter account in addition to an Arduino microcontroller that will hook up the e-cigarette to the Internet. A conducive tape has been placed over the button of the e-cigarette, and whenever the e-cigarette button is pressed, the conducive tape will send a signal to the Arduino microcontroller, which in turn hooks up to an iPhone app via Bluetooth. This app will keep track of one’s smoking statistics, before sending a tweet to the @TweetingCiggy Twitter account. [Tweeting Ciggy]

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