Last month, we caught wind of a 3d-printed cast that is able to give your wounded area, such as your arm, some much needed ventilation as it helps heal your busted bones, and is also recyclable. We thought the concept was pretty neat, but the concept of the Comfort Cast makes us want to go play in traffic in hopes we’ll limp off with a broken bone or seven.

Kyuho Song came up with the concept of the Comfort Cast in order to help keep the wearer connected in a number of ways. The Comfort Cast features an e-ink display which can be used to update your Facebook page, view digital content through its built-in media player, and also allow doctors to monitor your condition. An air pressure system is also included to help adjust the pressure so the cast isn’t too firm on the wearer’s body.

The Comfort Cast is reusable as well as it includes a disinfection system which sanitizes the cast for the next wearer. As cool as the Comfort Cast sounds, we have a feeling your health insurance provider won’t be paying for you to walk around with a souped-up cast that can tell your Facebook buds what you’re doing while your brittle bones heal.

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