desperadoWhen it comes to electric bicycles, many parts of the world would see a speed limit set by the local authorities to have it max out at a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h). Anything higher than that, and it would not be classified any more as a bicycle in the legal sense of the word. This particular ruling would definitely go some lengths in ensuring that the speed would remain down when it comes to commercially-produced e-bikes. Well, there are always exceptions to the general rule, and with Russian blogger Ivan Tulupov’s twin-motored Desperado, this is one of those rare cases.

The Desperado weighs the scales at 43 kg (95 lb), and it did cost Tulupov a rather handsome amount of money to build it from scratch, to the tune of approximately$3,000. The Desperado was built around an existing pedal-powered beach cruiser bike which was made by California-based bicycle manufacturer Nirve. The power required to move the Desperado around is supplied by a 20-Ah lithium-ion battery, which takes approximately a couple of hours to fully charge up. A couple of external motors with gearboxes has also been thrown into the mix, and with their combined 5-kW output, it results in a calculated top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph), although it remains to be tested.

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