Ladies keep their bras on for the majority of the day, only to take them off as soon as they get home or when a moment arises where the unhooking of a bra is completely necessary. Some women even take to various social networks to let others know they have freed themselves from their bra, but a new high-tech bra was created to let the world know you let your ladies loose for you.


OgilvyOne Atens created a high-tech bra that can tweet each time you unclasp your bra in a way to promote breast cancer awareness as well for the need for self-examinations. According to AdRants, the bra is part of campaign for Nestle Fitness that centers around Greek actress Maria Bakodimou and will last for a total of two weeks. A website for the campaign not only features the Twitter account for the tweeting bra, but it also includes various tips for performing self-examinations.

We’re sure this is a product that won’t be made available to everyday consumers, but it’s one we’re sure many women would find interesting, especially if they’re normally vocal in regards to taking their bra off to enjoy the world as nature intended them to.

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