One of the main benefits to owning an electric car is the fact that you can hook up your vehicle to an outlet in order to juice it up, which is certainly more convenient than having to find a gas station to fill up your vehicle with fuel. But in the case of this story, the convenience of being able to hook up your electric car to any outlet got him arrested.

Kaveh Kamooneh was detained for a total of 15 hours for “stealing” what amounted to 5 cents worth of electricity from Chamblee Middle School. Kamooneh was visiting the school to watch his son play tennis, but prior to the match, he plugged an extension cable from his Nissan Leaf into an exterior outlet located at the middle school. Moments later, Chamblee police showed up and warned Kamooneh he would be charged for theft for taking electricity from the middle school. The vehicle was charging for only 20 minutes, but Kamooneh was arrested 11 days later after the officer filed a report and was able to get an arrest warrant.

This isn’t the first time Kamooneh has done this as Chamblee Police claims he had been advised previously he was not allowed on the school tennis courts without permission. Kamooneh, on the other hand, believes he should be able to plug his vehicle in as he sees it’s the same thing as if a person would plug in their cellphone or laptop inside of a coffee shop.

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