Earlier this summer, we learned two of PopCap Games’ upcoming titles, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Peggle 2, would be made available on Microsoft’s Xbox One first before it’s made available on any other gaming platform. Since that bit of news was released, we haven’t heard much concerning either game, although PopCap Games has just announced Peggle 2 will be headed to the Xbox One on December 9.

Peggle players will feel right at home with Peggle 2 as it features similar gameplay to its predecessor, which, of course, has players attempting to destroy all of the pegs from a level. Peggle 2 will also feature colored pegs that have different effects when they’re hit, such as the orange pegs that will make it easier to clear levels, while the green pegs activates the player’s special abilities. Masters will also return in Peggle 2, although many of them will be completely new to the series.

Peggle 2 will be available starting on December 9 on the Xbox One first for $11.99. When exactly Peggle 2 will be headed to other gaming platforms is still unknown at this time, but if you’re an Xbox One owner, you won’t have to worry about such minor details since you can just pick it up when it releases.

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