iwatch-conceptThe iWatch from Apple could be the next big thing in the wearables market, but that also remains to be seen considering how fickle the nature of the consumer electronics environment is. Having said that, most of the stuff that Apple touches in recent memory (I am referring to the past decade or so) tends to turn into gold, and for good reason, too. The iPod was truly a beautiful MP3 player when it was first introduced, and let us not even go into its MacBook Air, MacBook, iPhone, and the iPad. Having said that, how about a smartwatch? The alleged iWatch which will allegedly see its display panels manufactured by LG does seem to be shaping up nicely, but we do not have an actual snapshot of the device just yet. Here is a concept by designer Todd Hamilton to keep us happy for the moment, where it does seem to have been specially modeled after the Nike FuelBand.

Granted, Hamilton’s design does seem to be one of the better ones out there, where it will carry the iOS 7 user interface that does not look out of place at all on the wearable device. Some tweaks were made, including the screen blending alongside a glossy exterior, while the inner part of the band is made out of rubber.

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