Samsung is a serious player in the TV market. The company came in full force at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas last week, showing off its slew of 4K TVs, an 85-inch shapeshifting TV as well as a monstrous 110-inch ultra-high definition TV. The buck definitely doesn’t stop here. Rumor has it that the Korean juggernaut has already begun developing an 8K TV, and a 3D UHD TV that won’t require any glasses.

Glasses-free 3D TVs have been around for quite some time now, its the sheer high resolution that would set Samsung’s 3D UHD TV apart. 4K TVs have slowly started entering the mainstream market, so its unlikely that Samsung will jeopardize further progress by coming out with something radically better at this point in time, its simply too early. Consumer-grade 8K TVs aren’t expected to hit the market until at least 2016, so even if Samsung is developed one QUHD 8K TV, its not like we’ll be able to pick one up in the near future. Perhaps the company might show off its creation at a trade show next year, but 8K TVs are quite a long way from the living room right now. Presumably the company will talk more about its future TV related plans at IFA later this year.

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