stratusblackheroEarlier we had seen how SteelSeries had collaborated with eye-tracking specialist Tobii to create an eye-tracking related gaming accessory for gamers, and it looks like that’s not all SteelSeries has up their sleeves as the company has recently announced a MFi Bluetooth game controller designed for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in mind in the form of the Stratus Controller. For those wondering MFi, it’s basically Apple’s way of saying that these devices have been authorized by the Cupertino company, meaning that in theory they should play nicely with iOS devices, as opposed to non-MFi products which could be hit or miss, and might not necessarily take advantage of all that iOS has to offer.

SteelSeries is not the first MFi manufacturer as other companies, such as Logitech and Moga have beaten them to the punch. According to SteelSeries, their offering will pack over 10 hours of battery life. The controller will also feature the same controls one might expect from a gaming controller, such as D-pads, analog sticks, buttons, shoulder buttons, and will pair with iOS devices via Bluetooth. No word on availability just yet, but according to SteelSeries, the Stratus Controller will be available for pre-order via their website for $99.99.

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