“The Force is strong in this one” might be something that Nissan salespeople say a whole lot to those who are checking out the Nissan Juke. The folks over at Nissan did work alongside the Star Wars franchise in order to construct a website which was specially built to promote the ‘Juke’. This particular promotional campaign boasts of an interesting feature that will get Star Wars fans all excited and drooling – via ‘The Force Simulator’.

The Force Simulator will be able to rely on the computer’s web camera in order to recognize the various hand gestures as well as movements of a light source, allowing one to check out a 360 degree view of the Nissan Juke. This happens to be the first of its kind among any automobile manufacturer or corporation, where recognition software is used on the web in order to promote a brand new product.

Majority of the instructions on the website happen to be in Japanese, but that should not stop all of you aspiring Jedis out there, right? The process itself is rather intuitive, and it should not be too hard to land on the page with the Force Simulator. With the choice of a light source and hand gestures, I am quite sure that many people would settle for the former as it has that coolness factor attached to it.

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