pebble-nokiaxlOne of the main concerns of Nokia running a forked version of Android would be app availability. Nokia has reassured customers that 75% of Android apps will be compatible with their version of Android, while the remainder will require porting. Well the good news is that things have kicked off as it would seem that the Pebble app for Android devices has since been ported onto the Nokia XL.

The proof was posted onto Twitter by Myriam Joire, a former editor at Engadget and a Pebble product evangelist. Naturally this is good news for those who are considering adopting the Nokia X series of handsets, but might be worried that there will not be many apps available for the device at the start. 

Not to mention that given the Pebble’s popularity, we’re sure there are Pebble users who want to adopt the Nokia X but aren’t sure how long it will take or when the folks at Pebble would bringing the app into Nokia’s app stores.

Now we’re not sure if all Android developers will be so gung-ho about uploading their apps to Nokia’s app store, especially since there might be new rules, restrictions, and a different payout system to what they might be used to, but we guess it has to start somewhere, right? Either way we guess this is a good start and we can’t wait to see more high profile apps brought over onto the Nokia app store soon.

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