google-play-services-43We have seen Google Play services 4.1 introduced earlier this January, while February brought about Google Play services 4.2. I suppose it is a no brainer then, that Google Play services 4.3 has just been revealed in March, and Google ensures that a slew of features have been thrown into the mix in order to help one improve the use of their apps. Some new members have been added into the Google Play services family, including Google Analytics API, Tag Manager, and the Address API. Apart from that, Google has also made sure that they have made relevant enhancements to current APIs.

The moment the rollout is complete, one will be able to download the Google Play services SDK using the SDK Manager, as well as begin on the new APIs. With the aforementioned Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, this release turns them into “first class citizens” in Google Play services, and those who have used the API before would find it to be rather similar to previous versions.

Google Analytics enables one to get a detailed breakdown on how your app is being used by your users, including the functionality that is used most frequently, as well as the activity that triggers users to convert from an advertised version of an app to paid one. [Press Release]

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