nokia-headquarters-logo-sign-001-630x472Earlier at MWC 2014, Nokia announced several new handsets. They unveiled the new Nokia X series of Android devices, as well a couple of new Asha handsets as well. However as the rumors had suggested ahead of the event, Nokia’s announcement certainly did not reveal any new Lumia devices.

So when is Nokia planning on unveiling new Lumia handsets? Well according to a recent tweet by @evleaks, he has suggested that come 19th April, Nokia could be holding an event, although he did not mention what the event could be about.

As it stands there are several Nokia handsets that have yet to be announced, at least that’s what the rumors are claiming. Last we heard, there were a trio of Lumia devices in the form of the Lumia 930, 630, and the 635. Then recently we also heard about a certain Nokia Martini Windows Phone, which presumably is the device’s codename.

The latter is an interesting device as it will come with Windows Phone 8.1 preinstalled, meaning that there is a good chance it will only launch after April at the very least. Last we heard the rumors suggested a July/August release of Windows Phone 8.1.

However that being said, it is entirely possible that Nokia could announce the handset in April, and then release it later, but we guess we will just have to wait and see. In the meantime what sort of devices do you think Nokia could announce at this alleged event in April?

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