apple-hologramIt does seem as though Apple is working on an interactive three-dimensional display system which would see users gain the ability to manipulate those “objects” in mid-air, which would be part of the illusion of an advanced hologram. Details on this patent application from Apple were published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, where it has been described as an “Interactive three-dimensional display system.”

This particular system would detail a method of presenting users with what seems to look like a 3D image, and best of all is, you would step right into science fiction future since those 3D images or objects are able to be manipulated with the likes of touches, swipes and other gestures.

Theoretically speaking, this invention from Apple would make use of various display techniques that are currently available, in addition to a slew of sensors in order to generate a pseudo-hologram. At the heart of this technology lies the hugely popular UFO-shaped mirror boxes that are capable of “projecting” a 360-degree 3D image of an object placed within. It does resemble that of a solid entity that floats above the box’s middle opening, or at least featuring an improvement on this particular concept. It remains to be seen whether this particular idea is going to catch on or not if it becomes commercially viable.

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