Surface-Ears-1One of the problems with our mobile devices like smartphones or tablets is that the speakers tend to be facing away from us, unless of course you are using the HTC One or the HTC One M8 in which you would be lucky enough to have front facing stereo speakers.


What this means for the rest of us is that sometimes when we watch movies or video clips, it can be pretty soft, especially in outdoor environments where the experience would be less than ideal. The Microsoft Surface tablet is suffering from that problem and it has been a complaint amongst Surface users that their tablet volume levels are a bit too low, even when maxed out.

However thanks to a Kickstarter project called Ears, it is a simple accessory that has been designed to boost the volume levels of your Surface tablet. These aren’t exactly the most high-tech of accessories and are actually little silicone pieces that slips over the top left and right of your tablet.

What it does is that it helps to redirect the sound and enhance its volume naturally and at the same time attempt to redirect the sound so that it is coming towards you, the listener, as opposed to project from the sides which would affect its volume. According to its creator, the Ears can boost sound levels by as much as 10dB.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an accessory like this but if you wanted something catered specifically for the Surface tablet, be sure to hit up its Kickstarter page for the details.

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