lg-g-watchWhen Google announced Android Wear, they also announced some companies that would be taking advantage of its platform which included LG and Motorola. While LG did tease some press images of the G Watch on its Facebook page, the company did not mention when we might be able to look forward to the device and how much it will cost, at least until now.

According to the folks at Pocket-lint, it seems that they have managed to confirm with LG the availability and pricing of the upcoming LG G Watch. Assuming it is a global release or perhaps a simultaneous release for certain markets, we can look forward to the LG G Watch hitting the shelves before July where it is expected to be priced around £180 in the UK, which is about $300 after conversion.

The folks at Pocket-lint also managed to get their hands on the device as a prototype was being shown off during a product showcase at Weybridge. The device was not powered on but it is apparently the final design of the product so we guess we more or less know what to expect in terms of its looks.

The exact specifications of the LG G Watch was not revealed yet either, but perhaps LG and Google will have more details to share ahead of the device’s launch in July. In the meantime are you excited about LG’s offering, or perhaps you are more tempted by the Moto 360 instead?

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