Nissan has had its fair share of time under the limelight when it comes to doing its bit for the environment, and in its latest exploits, it does seem as though the Nissan has expanded upon its self-repairing iPhone case prototype with the European Nissan Note hatchback that is capable of cleaning itself when dirty.

When I mentioned “cleaning itself”, I do not mean having the car pop up hidden hands from nowhere to scrub itself clean, just like how one of Sony’s recent patent involves a robot that has self-washing capability. No sir, it seems that this Nissan Note comes with a nano-paint coating which could help do a way with the need for dropping by the local car wash outlet.

This is made possible thanks to a special layer of super-hydrophobic and oleophobic material that is known as Ultra-Ever Dry. This special layer will be sprayed over the paint, resulting in a protective layer that is located between the body and environment. In other words, whenever dirt or water come into contact with the car, the gunk will not stick, but rather, sheets away. This is currently in its early testing phases, and it remains to be seen if such technology is able to last in the long run. Hence, additional tests need to be made to determine its feasibility.

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