bike-theftBike theft is still rampant in this day and age, and with the advent of electric bicycles, losing your two-wheeler might be more economically damaging than you think. However, there are moments in life when poetic justice is dispensed, such as this particularly strange case of a thief actually asking the owner of the stolen electric bicycle for a charger.

Ben Jaconelli, the owner of the high-end GoCycle electric bicycle which is worth up to £2,500 at the time of purchase, discovered that his GoCycle went missing despite being securely locked. The theft was quick, considering how Jaconelli left his GoCycle unattended for all of just 20 minutes. Being the owner of and the authorized GoCycle dealer for East London, he then received a phone call that requested for a GoCycle charger.

Nevertheless, he kept his cool and tried to discover as many details about the suspected thief as possible before tracking him down, only to confirm his suspicions. He recovered his bike after the thief sent the stolen ride to a warehouse in a taxi, and the police have already been alerted of this theft. All’s well that ends well, don’t you think so? If only the other stolen bicycle stories would be the same…

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