Do you believe that beauty is just skin deep? Well, some people think that beauty is everything, and Triana Lavey, an LA talent agent, decided that her chin and other parts of her face do not look good enough in a selfie, so she decided to go under the knife to correct the situation – while spending $15,000 on the procedure, too.


According to Lavey, her “darned chin bugs the living daylights out of me in this photo.” Who would have thought that snapping another photo from a different angle might solve the problem, while you still have fifteen grand sitting in your bank account? Perhaps nobody told her that, or she has simply bought into the idea that the chin absolutely had to go, and she continues to justify her actions by sharing, “Today, this business, moving at the speed of the Internet, your selfie is your headshot. You can’t reinvent yourself every day with your iPhone.”

The surgery happened a couple of years back, but since then, she had maintained a regime of fine facial treatments so that her virtual beauty will not diminish. Good luck combating the scourge of time though. Breaking news – money cannot buy common sense. In fact, after reading this, one might be inclined to agree with the American Psychiatric Association that selfies are a mental disorder, as this is one prime example as to how far people would go in order to look their best – in a selfie. At least she did not spend $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber.

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