The LG G Watch, a piece of wearable technology that has certainly garnered its fair share of interest over the months, especially since it has received the nod of approval by the FCC, has seen its boot animation appear online. There are four colored dots that fly all over the place before forming the word “Android”, which might have fooled me into thinking that it looks like some sort of Windows Vista boot sequence. Well, at least you have an idea on how the boot sequence would look like above, and thankfully it does not take too much of our time – which is to be expected, since this is not as complicated as a smartphone.

Just how does the boot animation sequence of the LG G Watch hold up against that of other devices which we have seen in the past? It really cannot be compared based on an apple-to-apple basis, simply because most of the other boot animations that have caught our attention before happen to belong to smartphones, and a smartwatch is a whole new ball game altogether. Having said that, considering the LG G Watch is tipped by many to be one of the first wearable tech that will make use of Android Wear, which is a variant of Android that was specially concocted for wearable devices like smartwatches, this is worth checking out.

We have also seen the LG G Watch paraded in a video not too long ago, so you can check it out in action if you’re interested. Too bad the boot animation sequence does not tell us whether the LG G Watch would have gained SIM functionality or not as rumored.

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