coolestA couple of weeks ago we reported on a Kickstarter project called the Coolest. For those who might have missed, the Coolest is basically a Kickstarter project for a hi-tech cooler that you can bring with you on picnics, to the beach, barbeques, and so on. It featured a blender, built-in speakers, and even a charger for your smartphone – pretty cool, right?

Well it seems that we weren’t alone in thinking that because it seems that the project has managed to raise a whopping $7.2 million at this time of writing, and with 35 days to go, KickTraq believes that at the rate it is going, it could very well hit or cross the $21.7 million mark by the time the project officially ends – that’s a lot of money!

As it stands, the Coolest is close to dethroning Ouya, the Android game console Kickstarter which managed to raise $8.5 million. Assuming that KickTraq’s predictions are true, it could very well overtake and double Pebble’s Kickstarter which is still the record holder at $10.2 million. We can’t be sure as to why the Coolest is such a hit with its backers.

Perhaps it’s the novelty, the convenient, the “cool” factor – who knows? However with each Coolest priced at $185 (the early bird special ran out), it would be pretty easy and fast to hit that that mark. So far the project has seen over 37,000 backers and we have to admit we’re pretty curious as to how much it will end with. What do you guys think? Do you think that the Coolest cooler has what it takes to beat Pebble’s Kickstarter record?

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