chromecastThe first-generation Apple TV was launched in 2007 while Google’s Chromecast was released back in 2013. However according to new data released by Parks Associates (via Gigaom), it seems that the Google Chromecast has beat out the Apple TV in terms of units sold. According to the company, Google sold an estimated 3.8 million Chromecast units since its release.

Apple on the other hand has managed around 2 million units last year. So does this make Google first and Apple second? Hardly. Park Associates estimated that Roku had also managed to sell around the same amount as Google, putting them head to head with Google, and possibly leaving Apple in third place.

Does this come as a surprise? Well the Chromecast is a lot more affordable than the Apple TV, making it a more attractive option, especially to those who aren’t huge fans of Apple products. That and the fact that the Chromecast is small and inconspicuous makes it a great addition to the living room.

It should be noted that these numbers are for the US market. Apple’s worldwide sales of the Apple TV is around 20 million since its launch. Roku’s release is currently limited to the US, Canada, the UK, and Ireland. The Chromecast’s availability is also expanding, such as to Europe where it is reportedly doing pretty well.

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