japan-selfie-standHow far has the selfie phenomenon caught on? Pretty far, especially when you take into consideration how selfie became the word of the year in 2013, not to mention selfies being considered as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association. Well, it seems that regardless of your ethnicity or cultural background, there is always the perfect moment to capture a selfie – and the Japanese know how to make the experience an easier one. In fact, folks over in Japan will be able to take advantage of special stands located in popular spots that allows you to leave your smartphone there so that you can capture a selfie, now how about that?

These stands even sport a special slot which will ensure that your smartphone remains tucked in properly, allowing it to stand up right. It would then allow the smartphone to remain steady and capture beautiful images of the scenery to boot. Other than Japan, do you think that other countries with extremely popular tourist spots ought to erect such similar stands?

Where do you think would be a good spot to place such stands? Perhaps replacing those binoculars at look out points might be a good idea, but do look out for snatch thieves while you leave your smartphone out of your reach for a few moments.

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