ms augmented patentCould Microsoft be working on an augmented reality pair of smart glasses? Well based an earlier Microsoft patent, it would seem to suggest that is the case, although a newly published patent from Microsoft which was filed for back in January 2014 seems to suggest that Microsoft’s augmented reality efforts could be getting serious.

The patent application is for a “Wearable behavior-based vision system” which according to the description, not only will it be able to recognize real world objects, but it will also be able to predict its behavior. This is actually interesting because we’ve seen Microsoft’s predictive efforts with Cortana which has been pretty successful, so we have to wonder if Microsoft will be able to apply that to augmented reality.

Given the fact that it is a pair of augmented reality glasses, it means that users will be able look around them and observe real world objects, so unlike devices that completely immerse the gamer in the gaming world, like the Oculus Rift of Project Morpheus, users of Microsoft’s glasses will be able to enjoy their games without knocking over items at home.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Microsoft express interest in wearables. Recently the company revealed their plans for a wearable device designed for the blind/visually impaired which in a way sounds like the current patent, w

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