nudie-dadSending selfies seem to be all the rage these days, so much so that Sony Mobile has even launched the world’s first selfie smartphone, the Xperia C3. Unfortunately, sometimes the fingers move faster than the brain, as in the case of Nyjah from the US who sent a nude selfie of herself to her dad by accident. Needless to say, upon realizing her mistake, she started to ask around just how one is able to “undo” that particular action, and you can check out the response from Nyjah’s dad in the image on the right.

Obviously, dad was far from amused and had some pretty straightforward questions that arrived in her direction. I guess her boyfriend isn’t going to win any brownie points with dad at all, considering how the nude selfie was meant to arrive on his phone in the first place. Of course, this just goes to show how one should always think before sending anything out – whether it is posting something on a social network or to send an email, photo or attachment. Needless to say, the choice of media that you would send which could be potentially incriminating down the road might be worth thinking over as well.

Do you think that selfies can be considered as a mental disorder as claimed by the American Psychiatric Association?

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