Taking care of your pet is not as easy as just feeding it and bathing it. You’ve got to make sure that it is eating well as poor appetite could be a sign that something is wrong with him/her. Well if you own a cat and you’d like a more precise way of making sure that they are eating properly, an Indiegogo campaign has been launched for a device called the Bistro Smart Feeder.

Basically what the Bistro Smart Feeder does is that it monitors your cat’s eating/drinking habits. Since you can’t be home all day, the device will help monitor your pet for you. In fact it is apparently advanced enough for facial recognition, so if you have more than one cat at home, it will be able to monitor multiple cats and keep track of their eating habits.

The Bistro Smart Feeder will include a camera, a food hopper, and a feeding tray and watering tray. There will be sensors embedded in the device along with a weighing scale, and together with an accompanying app, it will allow pet owners to actually watch their pets eat in real-time and check on their health reports.

The app will also notify owners when pets aren’t eating or drinking as much. This can be determined by the weighing scale which checks to see how heavy/light your pet is. This setup is also ideal for when you’re going on a long holiday and you want to make sure that your pet is healthy even when you aren’t around. If you’d like to learn more or pledge to its campaign, head on over to Indiegogo for the details.

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