denmark-cycle-ledSo, you have decided to go green by getting around on a pair of wheels, with you spending more time with your bicycle than in your car? That is great, but just to make sure that your cycling adventures are “optimized” even further, there is this particular LED signboard located in Copenhagen, Denmark, that will inform a cyclist to ride at a certain speed in order to get to the other end for a green light to appear, so that you basically need not stop for a red light. This would definitely increase efficiency by leaps and bounds, don’t you think so?

It looks as though the “magical number” for the optimal speed happens to be 20km/h, so speedometers at the relevant entry point will detect a cyclist’s speed, showing your current speed via the LED signboard, where you will then need to hit 20km/h (or slow down, depending on how fast you were going in), so that you can ride the wave, so to speak, without stopping.

It is great to see countries like Denmark invest a whole lot on cycling, and it is said that society has seen a 5% increase to 42% when it comes to trips made into the city, resulting in a whole lot less cars at the same time.

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