Being a cyclist is certainly good for the environment, but there are moments when you would wish that the other motorists who share the very same road with you would be able to be more considerate of your presence, as they sometimes drive as though you were not there in the first place. To increase your visibility, PhD students from Electronics Laboratoryat EPFL have come up with the Intelligent Blinker, which happens to be a solar-powered wristband that will be able to glow whenever you extend your hand in order to show off that they are about to perform a turn.

How does the Intelligent Blinker work? It will feature a microcontroller within, alongside a magnetometer, an accelerometer, and a compass. Not only that, there is also a solar panel and a built-in battery within, and not only that, it can also be powered up by USB. Who knows? Such elements could very well help save a large number of lives as well as do away with unwanted accidents.

In fact, the Intelligent Blinker has been recognized in the Texas Instruments Analog Design Contest that concluded not too long ago. What other safety precautions have you taken if you are an avid cyclist who would want nothing better than to ride safely along the streets?

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