moto-G-review-14While Windows Phone might not command the largest market share at the moment, it has managed to grow quite a bit, thanks to the efforts of Nokia who has primarily been creating Windows Phone devices. In fact Nokia’s Lumia 520 managed to dominate developing markets such as India, but it looks like Nokia’s time in the sun has come to an end.

According to a report from the Economic Times of India, they have recently published the results of Canalys’ look at the Indian smartphone market and found that Motorola, not Nokia, has managed to claim the crown as the biggest smartphone OEM in the subcontinent for Q2 2014. This is largely thanks to the Moto G, Motorola’s budget smartphone Android offering.

The numbers show how Motorola grew from 379,310 smartphones in Q1 to a whopping 955,650 in Q2. The growth has been attributed to Motorola’s budget devices like the Moto G and also the more recent Moto E. Motorola is also expected to launch the successor to the Moto G so we can only imagine Motorola’s numbers rising in the future.

As for Nokia, they grew in the region but perhaps not as fast as Motorola. Canalys’ numbers revealed that Nokia grew from 583,160 smartphone sales in Q1 to 633,720 in Q2. Not a huge jump, at least not compared to Motorola. Based on this, it certainly sounds like Nokia has a lot of catching up to do, and hopefully the Nokia Lumia 530 will be able to do it for them.

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