falcoJust what is the Falco Fusion Sports Drive all about? This is basically a rugged electric bicycle conversion kit, which is steady and robust enough to deliver an enjoyable offroad cycling experience, all the while boasting of a special feature that will let your heart rate control the amount of assistance that is being pumped out by the motor, now how cool or smart is that?

After all, you need not blow a whole lot of money on a new electric bicycle if you already love your traditional bicycle – picking up a conversion kit is the way to go, and the Falco Fusion Sports Drive does seem to be a decent approach to this situation.

The Falco Fusion Sports Drive will feature a five phase electric hub motor which is able to replace any kind of bike wheel (ranging from a recumbent to a mountain bike), and it will be powered by a 50V 400Wh Li-Ion battery pack, alongside an accompanying app. Touted to be robust enough for offroad use,it will work alongside an app and a heart rate monitor (through ANT+ or Bluetooth LE), so that your electric bicycle will function as part of your training regimen. When you set the target heart rate before for a training session, the electric assist will add just the right amount of power to the bike when the target heart rate is set, letting you hit and maintain it. [Kickstarter Page]

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