goodwell-kit-collage_png_project-bodyThere are different types of toothbrushes out there. Some are just your standard fare, and some are little more ergonomic which promises to clean those hard to reach places, in between your teeth, and whatnot. There are also those electric toothbrushes which supposedly does a better and more efficient job.

That being said if you’re after something a little more hi-tech, perhaps Goodwell’s crowdfunded smart toothbrush could be the job done. For $150, Goodwell’s smart toothbrush will come with built-in sensors like an accelerometer that will allow the brush to “track” your movements so you can see what you’re doing right/wrong.

We’re not sure if this is something we’ve always wanted in a toothbrush, but it’s an interesting idea. The software will be open source so the idea is for the developer community to contribute some interesting ideas. Now this isn’t the first smart toothbrush. Oral B’s SmartSeries of toothbrushes have graced the headlines, and we’ve also seen alternatives such as Kolibree’s connected toothbrush, which coincidentally enough was a crowdfunded device.

Now if you’re interested in helping to make Goodwell’s smart open source toothbrush a reality, all you’d have to do is head on over to Crowd Supply’s website and pledge your support. In the meantime what do you guys think? Is this what we need?

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