yvan-arpa-pine-apple-gold-diamonds-apple-watch-2When Apple announced the Apple Watch, they revealed a variant called the Apple Watch Edition. This was designed to be a more luxurious version of the Apple Watch designed at those who might be more fashion conscious. However the rumors suggested that the device could be priced at $5,000 or more, which is Apple’s way of competing with luxury watchmakers.

Well one Swiss watch designer by the name of Yvan Arpa has come up with several designs that he believes will allow smartwatches to co-exist alongside traditiona luxury watches, which is by blinging them up in the same way that luxury smartwatches are by adding gems like diamonds into its surface, or by offering luxurious straps made from gold or leather or other luxurious materials.

yvan-arpa-pine-apple-gold-diamonds-apple-watch-4As you can see in the images above, chances are you might not have thought that this is the Apple Watch unless we had mentioned it. After all with the watch face looking like a traditional analog watch, and with its diamond encrusted edges and leather straps, it could easily pass off as a Swiss watch design from the likes of Audemars Piguet, for example.

Of course these designs are merely concept at the moment, although given that companies such as Feld & Volk have created blinged out versions of the iPhone, we don’t see why companies can’t create blinged out versions of the Apple Watch as well. So how much will such a design cost? Well according to Arpa, he expects that the designs pictured above could easily run for $65,000 – ouch!

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