twitter audio cardBands and musicians use a variety of social media to promote their songs and albums. For Facebook, it’s as easy as embedding a YouTube link, and for Instagram, they could always choose to upload a 15-second video to preview their songs. Well the good news is that Twitter will now allow for SoundCloud streaming via Twitter’s iOS/Android app.

Dubbed Audio Card, this is a new feature from Twitter that allows musicians to insert SoundCloud links on their tweets, which when viewed on mobile devices will allow users to stream the music. The Audio Card in which the music is playing can then be docked, thus allowing the user to enjoy the music while continuing to browse the rest of Twitter in the app.

SoundCloud is the first company that Twitter has partnered up with for Audio Card, and we expect that perhaps at a later date we can look forward to more partnerships from other streaming services. However as it stands, Audio Card is still in its testing phase meaning that not everyone will have access to it right away.

According to Twitter, “We’re just beginning to test the Audio Card and plan to make it available to more partners and creators in the future so that many more musical artists and creators will be able to share exclusive, in-the-moment audio to millions of listeners on Twitter.”

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