Even though Apple has already shown off its wearable device those who are interested in picking one up will have to wait until early 2015 because that’s when the company says it will start shipping the Apple Watch. Apple talked about the smartwatch’s features in detail at the event back in September but there are some finer details that are slowly being uncovered, like the fact that the Apple Watch will have a silent alarm feature which will wake you up by tapping on your wrist.

This little tidbit was revealed by Apple design head Jony Ive who spoke about the Apple Watch recently at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art. It was there that he declared the Apple Watch to be a “difficult project.”

Ive mentioned the Apple Watch’s silent alarm clock feature which will tap the user on the wrist and thus wake them up without disturbing anyone else that might be in that room. This will be made possible by the vibrating sensor touting Taptic Engine in the Apple Watch which will also alert you by tapping on the wrist when you receive an alert or notification.

Now in all honesty this feature isn’t technically a breakthrough. Similar features can be found in the Up24, Fitbit tracker as well as the Pebble smartwatch. Moreover it may not come in handy all the time on the Apple Watch.

By Apple’s own admission users will have to charge the Apple Watch on a nightly basis. So if the wearable device is on the charging stand throughout the night just so you can use it for the entire duration of the day a silent alarm feature hardly serves any purpose, but its better to have the feature than to not have it at all.

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