nokia-lumia-1020-review-19So yesterday the Nokia Camera app was mysteriously pulled from the Windows Phone store. Well the good news for those who were wondering where the app went, it looks like the reason it was pulled was because it had undergone a rebranding. As we had mentioned earlier, Microsoft had confirmed that they would no longer be using the Nokia brand.


Instead the company will now be calling their Windows Phone handsets “Microsoft Lumia” devices as opposed to Nokia, and we guess that rebranding applied to existing apps which had the Nokia moniker in them, with the Nokia Camera app being a prime example. The app is now back in the store where it is known as the Lumia Camera and the Lumia Camera Classic.

However apart from the rebranding, it seems that the only changes Microsoft has made to the app is in its name, so don’t expect any new features, at least not with the recent change. Presumably this will also affect other apps that bear the Nokia name so do keep an eye out in the future, lest you’re wondering where a particular app might have gone.

A recent photo was also recently leaked in which a handset bearing the Microsoft Lumia branding surfaced. Assuming the photo is accurate, it would basically be the first Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone bearing the new name produced by Microsoft ever since they have officially acquired Nokia.

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