selfie-stick-fineWhile some of us have gone beyond the shooting of selfies to gratify ourselves, there are others who simply cannot get enough of selfies, and with the front-facing cameras on many smartphones these days being more and more powerful, perhaps getting one of those touristy selfie sticks might be worth an effort. After all, it does provide you with additional range when it comes to shooting a larger group of people, but does it pose any danger to the public? Apparently not, unless you are some sort of kung fu master who is adept at turning a selfie stick into a deadly weapon. In South Korea, however, use of the selfie stick might land you in prison with an accompanying fine.


We are talking about up to $27,000 in fines and spending up to three years in the slammer here, according to an announcement by the Science Ministry. Of course, there is a reason behind this – models that sport Bluetooth connectivity integrated within which allows the user to release the smartphone shutter remotely instead of relying on a time are the ones under scrutiny here. These units were designated as communications equipment, since they make use of radio waves in order to deliver a wireless link between separate devices. Hence, they need to be tested as well as certified to make sure that they do not end up as a disruption to other devices which rely on a similar radio frequency.

It is not going to be an easy task to regulate the sale of these small, articulated monopods for sure, and what about those who bring it in as a tourist? An official at the ministry’s Central Radio Management Office, shared, “It’s not going to affect anything in any meaningful way, but it is nonetheless a telecommunication device subject to regulation, and that means we are obligated to crack down on uncertified ones.”

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