the-who-albumThere’s an app for that, or so the saying goes. I suppose that even musicians too, would like to jump aboard the app bandwagon. Take The Who for instance, as they have recently introduced a brand new 3D app for a smartphone. Of course, this particular 3D app does not limit its use to just a smartphone, as it will also play nice with a tablet and a desktop, doing so in partnership with Trinifold Management, Immersive and Universal Music.

This particular app is right now available over in stores, and it will show off the more glittering moments and landmarks from the band’s career. Roger Daltrey did mention, “I’m not a fan of smartphones but have to admit they do open up huge possibilities to entertain and educate. The music business needs to use every avenue possible to keep the fans and the music in close contact. This app will hopefully teach our newer, younger fans everything they might want to know of our history, and hopefully unearth some odds and sods for our older ones.”

This particular 3D app would be released for the Oculus Rift headset later this coming Wednesday, where the Oculus Rift version would sport a slew of items, ranging from everything from the original app in addition to even more concert footage.

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