inboxWith Google Inbox allowing users to invite other users and with Google holding a “Happy Hour” of invites back in November, it is safe to say that many of you guys have probably gained access to Inbox as of late. If you haven’t you could probably try asking around to see if your friends have any spare invites.


That being said, the good news for Inbox users with Android Wear devices is that it looks like the app for Android has recently been updated to include Android Wear support. It’s odd that this wasn’t a feature that was available right out of the box considering that both Inbox and Android Wear are Google products, but perhaps Google wanted to get Inbox right first before they moved it onto wearables.

Thanks to the update, users with Android Wear devices will be able to receive optimized notifications on their smartwatches. They will also be able to read entire emails as well as mark messages as done or reply with a voice message of their own. The update has also improved the tablet experience of the app, as well as help make suggestions as you type, which Google believes will help you create Reminders a lot more quickly.

The updated app is available for download via the Google Play Store although you will need an invite to Inbox in order to make use of it.

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