dutch-smart-bikeWhen it comes to the world of bicycles, there are simply way too many models out there that will cater to every budget as well as need – so much so that making an informed decision could prove to be difficult, especially when one is fickle minded. Well, since we are into a world of smart-everything, why not apply the same principle to that of bicycles as well? The Netherlands has launched the first “intelligent bicycle” of its kind earlier this week, where this unique two-wheeler will come fitted with a bunch of electronic devices that will (hopefully) help lower the relatively high accident rate among elderly cyclists in Holland, which is one country that is crazy about bicycles.

This “intelligent bicycle” was specially developed for the government by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), where it will be powered by electricity while boasting of a forward-looking radar that has been mounted below the handlebars, while an integrated camera is located in the rear mudguard. It is touted that there will be a version which will be made available to the masses within two years’ time, with an asking price of 1,700 euros ($1,800) to 3,200 euros for each bicycle. Sounds expensive? It is dirt cheap as opposed to this gold plated model from Goldgenie.

Both forward and rearward detection devices on the test bicycle happen to be connected to a built-in computer, where a vibrating warning system located in the bicycle’s saddle and handlebars will be able to alert cyclists to potential danger, where the saddle vibrates if other cyclists approach from behind, while obstacles that are in front will result in the handlebars vibrating.

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