john-legereThe Apple Watch has yet to be launched. If the rumors are to be believed, it could very well launch in the next two months. That being said what are the implications of the Apple Watch’s launch? Well according to T-Mobile’s CEO, he has recently predicted that the Apple Watch will be what kicks off the wearables race and make more wearable devices mainstream in the future.

According to John Legere, “I love what Jawbone, Fitbit, Samsung, LG, Microsoft and others are doing in the wearables space. But we haven’t begun to see the potential of this category. It’s going to go from $1 to $20 billion in the next few years. And though we won’t see its full impact in 2015, I believe that the Apple Watch will mark the tipping point when wearables go from niche to mainstream.”

To some extent we can understand where his predictions are coming from. After all Apple helped to make certain product categories more popular, like the smartphone and tablet, both of which existed before Apple came along, but thanks to Apple they were suddenly more “cool”. Apple also helped kick off the Ultrabook with their MacBook Airs, so why not the Apple Watch too, right?

However if there is one disadvantage the Apple Watch has is that it is pricey. The base model will be priced starting at $350 which is significantly higher than the competition, but Apple is planning to market the device as a luxury watch as opposed to another piece of electronics, but what do you guys think? Will the Apple Watch truly make wearables more mainstream?

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