I was alarmed to find out that I had been locked out of the Twitter app on my Android device when I fired it up this morning, and instantly presumed the worst, that I had been hacked. I found out through Facebook that there was a server-side issue that had actually locked many Twitter users out of mobile applications and heaved a sigh of relief. Twitter has worked throughout the day to rectify the issue and it has finally confirmed that the log in issues have been resolved.

Soon after the issue became apparent Twitter updated its official status page to reflect that something wasn’t quite right. It was a good step that not only kept users updated with the progress but also eliminated any hacking-related fears that might have come to mind.

Several reports have since come online detailing the reason behind the log in issues. Apparently Twitter’s servers jumped ahead to December 29th, 2015 today, which is a full year away, thus kicking users out of apps and devices that they were already logged into.

Twitter was quick to pounce on the problem and confirmed a couple of hours later that it was working on a fix. It has now confirmed through a tweet, for obvious reasons, that the issue has been resolved and we can all get to using the microblogging network again through any app or device we want.

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