xbox oneMicrosoft has already jumped on the wearable device bandwagon this year with the Microsoft Band, so any other outing in the wearable market isn’t going to catch anyone by surprise. There have been rumors that the company has already begun work on other wearable devices. A new report suggests that the upcoming device might have something to do with the Xbox One.

The Xbox One console was launched by Microsoft in November last year. It has spent the year trailing Sony’s PlayStation 4 in sales around the world, though recent trend shows that sales have been picking up. Over Black Friday we saw the Xbox One outsell PS4 at various major retailers in the U.S.

However the news today isn’t about console wars, its about a new wearable device that may have something to do with the Xbox One. According to Joe Officer, from Xbox One supplier Exertis, Microsoft is going to roll out a “spate of devices” in the wearable space next year.

The devices may even be linked to the Xbox One which already has health and fitness related applications. Microsoft’s wearable devices will aid those apps with real time heart rate monitors, health bands, scales and video sensors thus allowing users to have “day in, day out, real time monitoring of themselves.”

To find out for sure what Microsoft has up its sleeve we’ll have to wait until 2015. So far the company isn’t confirming what kind of wearable devices it may launch in the coming year.

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