The Xbox One, which was introduced in China just a few months ago, has seen Microsoft take the strategic move to reduce the price of their current generation console over in the world’s most populous country. This can be deemed to be strange – but perhaps not quite in such a cut-throat business environment. In the past, when consoles had far longer life cycles, a price cut would arrive quite some time after it has been released in the market, but just less than half a year?

It seems that the Xbox One with Kinect is not the only benefactor of this purported price cut, as the Xbox One sans Kinect, too, can be brought home with a 500 RMB (roughly $80 after conversion) discount. Apparently, the Kinect model has seen its price drop from 4,299 RMB to 3,799 RMB, whereas those who are interested in the model without Kinect to see the price touch 3,199 RMB from 3,699 RMB. However, if you have held out hopes for the Xbox One Day One edition to have a price cut or a discount, you will be disappointed as it is still being sold for 4,299 RMB. Despite the newly introduced price cuts, the Xbox One will still be pricier compared to the Sony PS4 that is due for a China this coming January 11, 2015, which is going for 2,899 RMB a pop.

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