connected-pedal[CES 2015] Getting around on a bicycle is definitely something that is worth looking into, especially if you happen to be one who is an advocate for a clean environment and all that jazz. Having said that, here is something that you might want to check out – the Connected Cycle pedal that will hopefully be able to help reduce the incidences of bike thievery, assuming it is an issue in your city, of course.

How does the Connected Cycle pedal work? Well, in the first place, it will come with GPRS capability as well as built-in GPS in order for it to phone home your bike’s location each time it moves. Keeping track of your precious two wheeler isn’t the only thing that it does, as it can also track your fitness, and send a push notification should someone steal your bicycle.

The pedal itself comes across as a wee bit bulky for cyclists who love nothing better than a lightweight bicycle, but what is a little bit of extra weight in exchange for peace of mind? Even better yet, the Connected Cycle pedal does not need any kind of charging or new battery, as it will juice itself up from the energy obtained while you ride. An hour’s worth of cycling ought to be enough to ensure it runs for another two weeks.

Pricing of the Connected Cycle pedal remains to be determined as at press time.

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