3d-billboardIf there is one particular aspect about life these days that you would be unable to avoid (other than death and taxes, of course), it would be advertisements. They are just about everywhere – on that freemium game on your smartphone, on the TV, in the cinema before a movie starts, heck, there are even plenty of shameless in-movie plugs going on. Oh yeah, and the traditional standby, billboards. It seems that advertising on billboards are about to jump to the next level, thanks to Austrian scientists who have come up with 3D capable billboards – without requiring the viewers to wear a special pair of glasses in the first place, now how about that?

This is made possible thanks to a sophisticated laser system which will send laser beams into different directions, resulting in different pictures that can be seen from various angles. As the angular resolution happens to be extremely fine , the left eye ends up “seeing” a different picture than the right one, and voila! The 3D effect comes into play.

The major advantages of this advancement? The display is so vivid, it can be used outdoors, even under bright sunlight conditions. It has taken three years to see the initial ideal giving birth to a working prototype, and now that it has been patented, it might be just a matter of time before it becomes commonplace.

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