twitter-crimeiOS 8 is currently Apple’s latest operating system. It brought about a host of changes, new features, improvements, and whatnot to iOS devices, but as it turns out it also cost Twitter 4 million users. During Twitter’s earnings call for the Q4 2014 quarter, the company noted that they had lost an estimated 4 million net users.

The social media platform also blamed iOS 8 for costing them those 4 million or so users. So what caused the lost in users? Did iOS 8 somehow convince Twitter users to stop using the service? Did iOS 8 cause users to delete their accounts? Unsurprisingly it seems that Twitter’s accusation did not make sense to many.

However according to Twitter, this had to do with the Shared Links section in Safari in iOS 8. Previously with iOS 7, if users were logged into Twitter, the Shared Links section would show tweets from people on your connected Twitter accounts, but iOS 8 took away that automated process and made it a manual one.

Twitter also added that they lost users because customers who bought new iPhones did not bother to reinstall the app again or couldn’t use it as they had forgotten their password. Neither explanation seems to be very logical but either way 4 million users is a drop in the bucket as Twitter is still boasting 288 million users, but what do you guys think? Does Twitter’s explanation make sense?

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