apple watchThe Apple Watch has been pegged for a release on the 24th of April which is a Friday and we’re sure many are wondering if the wearable will have the same craze that the iPhone has. While wearables are indeed the trend of the tech industry at the moment, there have been a lot of mixed reactions regarding the Apple Watch.

However at least one analyst has remained optimistic. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray has recently published a research note in which he estimated that Apple will be able to sell a whopping 1 million Apple Watch devices over the weekend. In fact he expects it to gain even more momentum as come June, Munster predicts that Apple would have easily sold at least 2.3 million devices.

Like we said these are rather optimistic figures especially when you consider the rumors that the Apple Watch’s supply could be constrained at the start. That and the fact that customers won’t be able to just walk into a store and buy it without a reservation makes getting their hands on it even harder.

In fact customization is also said to be limited during the pre-order phase where customers will be able to only choose from preset designs, versus the freedom of mixing and matching the different watch cases and its straps/bands. In any case we guess we’re only a few weeks away from seeing how well the device does, but what say you? Could Apple have another hit on their hands?

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