taylor swiftWhile Spotify might be one of the biggest streaming services available at the moment, it does not exactly play host to every single artist out there. For example some of you guys might have heard how Taylor Swift pulled her music from the service, claiming that she felt that services such as Spotify do not fairly compensate artists.

Interestingly enough it looks like Swift has had a change of mind as it has been discovered that her music is available for streaming via Tidal, a company which hip hop mogul Jay Z had recently acquired. It’s an odd choice for Swift especially when you consider that Tidal has a reported user base of around 17,000 as of December 2014.

Even if we were to look at Aspiro’s (parent company of Tidal and WiMP) grand total number of subscribers, it is sitting at 500,000 which is a pale comparison to Spotify’s 15 million subscribers which was confirmed in January earlier this year. However it is possible that Tidal offered Swift a much more lucrative and “fair” deal compared to Spotify.

Perhaps this is something the company can afford given that they charge $20 a month and does not come with a free-listening tier, plus they boast that they offer up higher quality audio which might appeal to the audiophile. As it stands it is still unclear as to what Jay Z has planned with his acquisition, but getting Taylor Swift on board seems like a good start.

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